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Shopping centre R.

  • Client / Kami Profit,s.r.o.
  • Designer / Ing.Orolin
  • Engineering / Verhofste s.r.o
  • Location / SK - Žilina
  • Period / 2019

This is what 21st century public space looks like

Today, it is no longer enough to simply build benches in the square and plant a few trees. In order for public space to be not only public, but especially used by the public, we need to do much more. We created vegetation benches of the NAŠA retail chain by joining several ingeniously combined functional units and materials.The central part is a space for ornamental trees and flowers, which makes the space more pleasant and cozy at first sight. The load-bearing structure consists of galvanized and powder-coated steel sheet in combination with jokles of various cross-sections. On the sides there are benches with comfortable wooden seats. Cherry at the end? In the corners, an ideal space for waste bins has been created. The joy of going for a walk - and then relaxing.