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Playground shelters


  • Client / TOP METAL, s.r.o.
  • Engineering / Verhofste s.r.o
  • Location / SK - Trenčín
  • Period / 2019

A rest that is worth it

The housing estate Juh in Trenčín is distinguished from the others by an exceptional relaxation zone placed in revitalized playground. The public space for relaxation is dominated by a unique roof construction in shape of huge all-metallic mushrooms with dimensions of 4x7 meters. Each of the three sheet steel roofs is supported by three columns, which also serve to drain rainwater - a perfect combination of design and functionality under our leadership. Interesting conclusion: our metal roofs were so large that we had to transport them to the site as an oversized load. Satisfied mothers, children and passers-by every day confirm that our efforts were worth it.