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Bicycle shelters

Secondary school

  • Period / 2021

Spacious bike shed with double-layer bike rack

A brand-new bicycle shed for a secondary school. It is made of galvanised steel with skylights of opal solid polycarbonate sandwiched between aluminium profiles. In addition, the shed is equipped with LED lighting with motion sensors and an integrated rainwater drain. 

Under the bike shed are bike racks types V-park and Hi-lo with a centre distance of 375mm each in single- and double-sided arrangements. V-park is a bicycle rack with front fork clamps fitted with rubber sleeves. This makes the bike stable in the rack and protects the front section from possible damage. Hi-Lo is a double-layer bicycle rack which doubles the storage capacity. In addition, extra-wide wheel holders in the high-low position make it easy to store bicycles. Together, these bicycle racks provide 278 bicycle spaces. Finally, the concreted-in Leanlocks next to the canopy serve as demarcation.