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Electric bicycles & charging stations


The all-in solution for every (e-) bike

The E-Box is the most suitable and vandal-resistant bicycle stand for both electric bicycles and other bicycles. A front fork clamp prevents damage to the bicycle wheel in the wheel supports. In addition, the front fork holders are fitted with rubber sleeves for extra protection. Each clamp system comes with a box in which the e-bike charger can be safely stored during charging. This box can be locked using your own bicycle lock. It is equipped with a waterproof power socket and a slot for easy entry of the charger. In addition, thanks to the wide shaft spacing, you can enjoy optimal comfort.

/Technical data

  • Front fork support
    • Centered tube (Dxd = 33.7x2.65mm)
    • Rubber protection sleeves
    • Round steel (D = 14mm)
    • Base plate
  • L-shaped wheel holder (LxW = 35x35mm)
  • Box with 2 compartments
    • Bended sheet (t = 4mm)
    • Perforations for ventilation / heat dissipation
    • Splash-proof wall socket
    • Locking device with opening (D = 40mm) for own lock
    • Tube (Dxd = 42.4x2.9mm)
  • Steel sheet base profile (t = 3mm)
  • Steel
Center distance 750mm
  • Basic module for one-sided installation: 2 bicycle places
  • Add-on module for one-sided installation: 2 bicycle places
Connecting options
  • Yes


Single sided
  • 2 bicycle places: LxWxH = 1500x1753x1100mm
Surface treatment
  • Hot-dip galvanized steel
  • Hot-dip galvanized and powder coated steel
  • Base plates
    • With screws and plugs on 2 concrete blocks 30x30x40cm
    • Directly on the pavement by means of wedge bolts
    • By chemical anchoring

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